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Animal Care Hospital offers a wide selection of services to meet your pets' medical needs.

​Now offering Laser Therapy
Animal Care Hospital is now offering laser therapy treatments for patients. With cold-laser therapy, infrared light interacts with the light energy within the body at the cellular level. This interaction helps reduce pain, inflammation, and enhances tissue healing. After a consultation with our veterinarians, a laser therapy treatment plan will be created specifically for your pet. Patients that benefit include those with arthritis, wounds, back pain and injuries, chronic ear infections, torn knee ligaments, and surgical incision healing.

Animal Care Hospital is equipped with the latest technology and pharmaceuticals to help ensure a safe and un-eventful anesthesia for your pet.  Prior to any anesthetic event, we perform a thorough physical examination and recommend blood work as a pre-anesthetic health screen. Anesthetic monitoring is achieved via indirect blood pressure oscilometry, pulse oximetry, temperature, and heart rate monitors. Additional patient support is provided through heated surgical pads, intravenous catheterization and fluids, as well as constant supervision by a doctor and veterinary technician.

At Animal Care Hospital, we take your pets’ health very seriously. Though anesthesia is always a risk, we strive to minimize complications through methodical and vigilant patient care.

Animal Care Hospital offers a comprehensive dentistry service from routine prophylactic dental cleaning to oral surgery. We have state-of-the-art equipment including an ultrasonic scaler, polisher, variable speed drill, electrocautery and digital dental radiography.  All dental procedures include a post dental consultation. Ask our staff about our dental package.

Diagnostic Laboratory
Our in-house laboratory services include same day blood chemistry, urinalysis, cytology and several specific diagnostic tests. Additionally, we have an arrangement for daily laboratory pickup through the clinical veterinary laboratory and typically receive results within 24 hours.

Electrocardiography (ECG)
We are equipped with a modern ECG machine that allows us to diagnose and monitor cardiac arrhythmias and other abnormalities, as well as provide an important support tool for anesthesia and surgery.

Emergency and Critical Care
Though Animal Care Hospital is primarily a general medicine practice, we are equipped to handle emergency and critical care patients. We accept walk-in emergencies during our normal office hours as availability allows.  For after hour emergencies, we have a doctor on call.  We can provide some emergency care or refer to an emergency facility.

Home Euthanasia (established clients only)
Euthanasia is one of the toughest decisions to make, but sometimes the kindest thing to do for a beloved senior pet.  For those that prefer the comforts of home, we do provide at-home euthanasia.

OFA Evaluations
In addition to our basic radiology services, we offer OFA certification evaluation. For more information on OFA Certification, please speak with a veterinarian at the time of your appointment.

Animal Care Hospital offers a comprehensive in-house pharmacy and we offer an online pharmacy through your Pet Portal to meet your pets’ medical needs. In addition to prescription medications, we also offer a wide variety of over-the-counter medical products.

Physical Examinations and Vaccinations
Here at Animal Care Hospital, we encourage routine yearly physical exams and vaccinations. Annual examinations are an important part of caring for your pets and will help ensure that they live long, healthy, happy lives.

We offer a comprehensive in-house digital radiology service, including digital dental radiography.  Our well trained staff and modern equipment allow us to provide radiographic analysis on a same day or while-you-wait basis. We are able to get a board certified radiologist review within 24 hours if needed.

Reproduction Services
In addition to reproductive examinations, digital radiology, counseling and surgery, we also offer pregnancy ultrasound evaluations. Ultrasound helps us to determine fetal health and stage of development, as well as to facilitate surgical decision making.

Soft Tissue / Orthopedic Surgery
Animal Care Hospital offers a wide variety of surgical services, ranging from routine spays and neuters to exploratory surgery. 

Ultrasonography and Echocardiography 
Animal Care Hospital is equipped with a modern ultrasound machine with color-flow Doppler that allows us to perform detailed ultrasonographic and echocardiographic studies on dogs, cats, and exotic pets, as well as to facilitate fine needle biopsies of internal organs.